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Fitness Consultation

Arizona Scottsdale Personal Trainer

Diane assesses your current:

    • Lifestyle
    • Health
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness Goals
Regardless of health state or fitness level,
Diane performs an exhaustive consultation to understand the clients current condition.

This assessment runs the gamut from current lifestyle, nutrition, and existing medical conditions survey, to listening to the individual client needs and goals.

A thorough evaluation allows Diane to develop a specific, custom-designed plan for each client. Proper planning results in less injuries, incremental progress, and measurable results.

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Fitness Plan

Arizona Scottsdale Personal Trainer

Diane develops you a plan:

    • Diet Program
    • Innovative Exercises
    • Specialized CORE TRAINING
    • Life Coaching
Depending on the needs and goals of the client, Diane will employ a variety of training tools and methods to achieve positive change in the shortest amount of time.

Proper warm up and stretching is combined with unique exercises which focus on strict form and range of motion.

It is important to know body/muscular systems and how muscles connect and work in symbiosis when using proper form. Diane continuously explains proper form when training a client.

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Get Proven Results!

Arizona Scottsdale Personal Trainer

You Achieve RESULTS:

    • Fitness
    • Flexibility, Strength
    • Weight Loss
    • Wellness
Vast differences exist between Independent Personal Trainers and gym employed trainers. Many people believe that if they are paying a personal trainer to lead them through a workout then desired results will naturally follow. However, true life-changing results only come from performing the proper exercises using correct posturing, technique and form.

Diane focuses on each client during routines to ensure they are performing the exercises properly. She directs them to success in muscle development while avoiding injury.

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