Many of the clients who approach Diane are overweight, deconditioned and very disappointed with the way they look and feel. Most have already tried personal training or fad diets with little or no results. Other clients are more advanced athletes with a high current level of fitness who are looking for an increased edge with state of the art training techniques.

Regardless of type, Diane performs an exhaustive consultation. This assessment runs the gamut from current lifestyle, nutrition and existing medical conditions to individual client needs and goal setting.

A thorough evaluation allows Diane to author a specific, custom-designed plan for each individual. Proper planing results in motivation and proven results.


Depending on the needs and goals of the client, Diane will employ a variety of training tools and methods to achieve positive change in the shortest amount of time.

Proper warm up and stretching is combined with unique exercises which focus on strict form and range of motion.

It is important to know body/muscular systems and how muscles connect and work in symbiosis when using proper form. Diane continuously explains proper form when training a client. She will gently make corrections if she sees the client is using improper technique.

Following each training session, the client is engaged in Passive Range of Motion Stretching. This gentle stretching technique lengthens the muscles which have contracted over the previous hour of intense exercise, and Lactic acid and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) buildup is released. Clients routinely state that soreness following training periods is greatly reduced or non-existent. Care is taken not to over-stretch muscles. Clients can be assured that this component of wellness is safe and effective.


Both men and women become heavier in the mid section due to an increase of cortisol receptors in the lower abdomen. This occurs with aging and is quite normal. Proper diet and exercise help to reduce fat in the body forcing these cortisol receptor to turn ‘off’. Abdominal training using cables, machines, bands and free weights helps to lower the cortisol activity resulting in a tighter, flatter stomach!


Vast differences exist between Independent Personal Trainers and gym employed trainers. Many people believe that if they are paying a personal trainer to lead them through a workout then desired results will naturally follow. However, true life-changing results only come from performing the proper exercises using correct posturing, technique and form.

Diane focuses on each client during routines to ensure they are performing the exercises properly. She directs them to success in muscle development while avoiding injury.

The effectiveness of the technique is apparent in a long term clientele with low attrition, several of whom have been training in excess of seven (7) years. Typically clients will train with Diane for 3 or more years.

The results speak for themselves. Hundreds of clients have achieved their goals of weight loss, muscular conditioning and well-being. They lead happier, healthier lives. Diane is a model of what a commitment to the fitness lifestyle can achieve. You can be, too…

…like a 44-year female who overcame atrophy and gained muscle and strength – now she
loves her arms!

…Or a figure competitor who placed 2nd in her age category in a California Figure
Competition and outperformed twelve (12) other competitors;

…Or a 60-year-old with Lupus and severe spine curvature who, after three (3) years
of training stands upright and has developed exemplary back/shoulder muscle.